Our new moisturizing spray is perfect for your dogs paws and their coat. I use natural dog-safe ingredients to ensure that it is 100% lick safe.

Our dog moisturizing spray does come in a reusable amber glass spray bottle. So, it’s 100% eco-friendly. The spray makes it hygienic as well! No more picking dog hair and dirt out of the container. All you have to do it spray and walk away! It’s that easy.

(Not to mention, if you’re like me & hate rubbing lotion all over your legs… just spray this and it works great! Lol)

Our dog moisturizing spray is 4oz.

Ingredients are: water, pumpkin seed oil, apricot kernel oil, coconut oil, glycerin, and pumpkin spice oil.

*The spray does smell like pumpkin spice*

Dog Moisture Spray