Where do I get my packaging from?

Let's talk about packaging...aka my favorite thing ever.

I get this question often and the answer is all over the place. I get my poly mailers off of amazon. It is very tough to find poly mailers that are actually recyclable because believe it or not but most poly mailers are not recyclable. Next, my custom packaging tape. I designed the tape on an app/website called "Canva". I definitely recommend it for all of your digital designs. Then I sent the design over to sticker mule and they printed it for me. My thank you stickers are also found on amazon. They have sooo many options but again it is hard to find stickers that can be recycled because the adhesive on the back can be harmful to the environment. The ones I do use are recyclable. Just be prepared to spend a few extra bucks on packaging if you want eco-friendly packaging. I print my business cards from Vistaprint or Uprinting. & lastly, my treats. Every order that goes out has treats in the package (unless I run out of treats then sometimes a few orders go out without them). But, for the most part more orders leave with treats. I get treats that DO NOT has BHA in them. For example, Milkbones have BHA and there have been studies providing evidence that BHA causes cancer in dogs. If you look at the ingredients on the back it will say if it has BHA in the treats. & that is my packaging folks. I hope you love opening your orders as much as I love putting them together.

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