My Suggestions for Your Sewing Room:

Hey there! I have recently gotten a few questions regarding what I recommend for beginners in the sewing world and I have a few...

  • First, I think this is obvious but a sewing machine. I personally recommend anything made by Singer. I have tried other brands but they never live up to the price tag. I love the different options and variety that Singer provides and their machines work great! I choose to have a serger over a sewing machine but that is simply preference.

  • Next, I would tell anyone in the "craft" community that they need a Circuit Machine. This machine is amazing. It cuts any design you want on any vinyl you need. Meaning, it creates hand drawn/designs and turns them into decals for your products.

  • I also think everyone needs a mini ironing board and a good iron. It is so important and helpful to have crisp edges on your fabric and the iron really helps achieve that.

  • Another very important thing that I believe is needed is, hand sewing tools. Sometimes you will need to hand sew a few things. Machines can do most of the work but there are those moments where being able to hand sew realllllly comes in HANDy. Lol haha.

  • Lastly, I recommend getting a cork or rubber place mat for underneath your sewing/serger machine so that it doesn't feel like an earthquake is happening every time you turn your machine on.

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