Grain Free vs Grain (Dog Food)

(anything stated below is only my opinion)

Personally, I feed my dog, Aspen grain free kibble. However, new studies have come out saying grain free isn't always the best. So, I have implemented new treats in her diet that contain some grain. That way she is getting some grains but isn't totally on a grain free diet. I think the best diet for your dog is half dry kibble and half raw food. That way they are getting the calories they need though the kibble and they are getting the correct nutrients they need through the raw food. There are soo many pros to grain free and soo many pros to a raw diet. Therefore, it can be hard trying to decide what to feed your dog. I do know that a lot of dry kibble brands add SO many horrible ingredients to dog food. So, if you do choose to go with the dry food please read the ingredients. Make sure that the first 5-8 ingredients are actually food instead of preservatives. At the end of the day you should do your own research and decide on your own what to feed your pup. Again this is only my opinion and you are totally welcomed to share your thoughts and what works for you!

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