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Wildmuttco is a brand that helps create special moments with your dog while promoting an eco-friendly; outdoor lifestyle for dog owners.

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Hey guys! I am so happy you are here! My name is Sara and I own I created as a creative outlet for me, and it has turned into an incredible brand with so many amazing customers. I am located in Las Vegas, NV where I live with my dog named, Aspen. She is a yellow English lab who loves to swim, play ball, and eat. I am originally from San Diego, CA but I grew up here in the desert. I lovvvee Mexican food and Greek food. And on the enneagram test I am an 8. My dream job is owning this little shop, so thank you for helping make that possible. I have 5 siblings and I am the middle child. I'm currently obsessed with the color green, olive green. And lastly, my favorite show on Netflix is probably Gilmore Girls or Criminal Minds.


New Collection Available Now. 

Plaid Leather Collars Coming Soon.