Frequently asked questions

Does Wildmuttco ship internationally?

Yes, we do. It is more expensive than domestic shipping but we do.

How can I contact the shop owner?

The best way to contact me is through either email or instagram. Those two platforms are checked regularly throughout the entire day. You could message me through my website, but that is only checked daily through the hours of 9am - 5pm.

Can I leave a review?

Yes! I would love if you could give me feedback on my items. You can either email me your review, DM me your review on instagram, or leave them below in our 'feedback' box.

Sizing guide?

All of the listings have a sizing chart. And the bandanas have comparable charts in the item descriptions. I have an english lab and she weighs about 70 lbs and wears a large. XS- 7in - 9in S- 10in - 13in M- 14in - 17in L- 18in- 21in XL- 22in-25in I recommend sizing up if your dog is right at the end of a size. For example, if your dog fits a medium at a 17in neck then I recommend ordering a large just to make sure it fits your dog. I also would say go up in a size if your dog has long hair.

I did not add the correct shipping address! What do I do?

Accidents happen! Its okay! Simply notify me, the shop owner, RIGHT AWAY! If your item has not shipped yet I can change the address, however, if your item has already shipped before I am notified, you will have to wait until your package "returns to sender" and then there will be a $3 charge for another shipping label with the correct address.

How can I get an order update?

You can get an update on your order by simply messaging me on here, through my email, or instagram. I check instagram more often so, your chances of a quicker response would be best there. I will ask for your order number, so have that ready and then I can get an exact update for you.

How long does it take to recieve my order after I purchase it?

Once you order your item(s) I begin making your order 1-2 days after it is ordered. This is because I like to leave time for you to message me to change your order, if need be, before I begin making it. Then once it is made it goes into the packaging process and that takes about 1-2 days. Then I print a label and it ships to you which can take anywhere from 4-10 business days depending on where you live. Sometimes the process can take longer. If you order a custom bandana (one with lettering) sometimes it takes extra time because the distributor that supplies my lettering is sometimes out of stock in certain letters & I have to wait for them to come into stock.